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Sustainability Meets Style with Silk Flowers

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Always in Season

Silk flowers are always in season which means they are price stable and not subject to seasonal price increases. 


Real flowers have a shelf life.  Plus, they die and you throw them in the trash at the end of your wedding.  Your silk bouquet will look as good 25 years later as it did on your special day.  Arrangements can be repurposed and reused over and over again.


Unlike real flowers, silks are hypoallergenic. They won't cause allergic reactions or sneezing. 

Weather Resistant

There is no wilting in warm weather for delicate blooms and no freezing in cold weather.


Silks are much lighter then real flowers making them easier to hold and manage throughout the day, during photoshoots and ceremonies. 


Silks transport really well. They don't require water, they don't wilt and they are hardier then real flowers.  Perfect for elopements or destination weddings.  And no worries when your flower girl steps on your bouquet!  

Amber Whitten, Montana

"Jami is the best! She did all of our wedding flowers and at an affordable cost! Jami is so accommodating and thoughtful! I shared inspirational pictures with her months leading up to the wedding. Prior to the big day she reached out and was able to show me the arrangements and make sure they were what I had envisioned. Jami is so creative and designed the flower arrangements better than I could have ever imagined! They were everything I wanted and better! And the best part is I get to keep and cherish the arrangements forever!"

Bridal Bouquet

Please reference size chart when ordering

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